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The extrusion technology is particularly well suited for this material. The metal is light, formable and has high strength. Our automated extrusion process also reduce labor costs – ultimately lowering your costs.

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Whether you are looking for standard or customized profiles, we are able to provide the right solution for you.
Our tooling engineers know the extrusion process backward and forward, and they know every capability of our equipment.
Our aluminium profiles are used in a wide range of industries such as building and construction, renewable energy, transport, furniture and engineering.
From 90 standard anodizing and powder coating colors, to unlimited custom colors, to a variety of surface finishes, customers can easily achieve the look and feel they want.


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And because aluminium is practically available in unlimited quantities and 100 percent recyclable, the metal is an important part of a sustainable society. Therefore, it is not so strange that many people call aluminium the metal of the future.
Extrum’s extruded aluminium profiles are used as components in buildings, machines, and millions of other applications around the globe. The scope of use of extruded aluminium is limited only by imagination.

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